Therapy Consultant Services by Mindwell NYC

Consultation Services

MindWell NYC clinicians are available to provide a variety of consultation, training, and supervisory services.


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Help your organization grow and flourish by incorporating cutting-edge behavioral science techniques into your workplace or school. 

Our therapy consultants are available for consultation in the workplace to address a variety of topics such as:

  • Incorporating mindfulness in your workplace
  • Managing difficult interpersonal situations in your workplace
  • Improving management style
  • Creating a plan to incentivize employees
  • Maximizing efficiency

Our clinicians are available for consultation in the school setting including:

  • Incorporating mindfulness in your school or classroom
  • Managing behavioral interventions in the classroom
  • Teacher and administrator education on psychological disorders (e.g. anxiety, depression, eating disorders)

Keep up with the latest standards of research and clinical practice and learn how to utilize new skills in your workplace or clinical setting.

We are available for workshops, trainings, and Grand Rounds on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Mindful self-compassion
  • CBT for Eating Disorders
  • DBT for emotional eating
  • MBCT
  • Non-suicidal self-injurious behavior
  • Exposure therapy

We are willing to tailor consultations, workshops, or trainings to the needs of your setting or organization.

Supervision and clinical consultation can be an essential part of providing effective therapeutic care.

The licensed clinical psychologists at MindWell NYC are pleased to offer CBT, DBT, and MBCT supervision and consultation services for therapists providing clinical care. Supervision and case consultation can be utilized for assistance with your ongoing caseload, to sharpen and help you deliver Cognitive Behavioral Treatments and/or incorporate mindfulness into your clinical practice, and to help with case conceptualization. Our clinicians are available for ongoing supervisory meetings as well as more targeted, short-term consultation. Supervision services can be provided to unlicensed and licensed clinicians (e.g. psychologists, social workers, mental health counselors) in NY State in person. We also provide consultation to licensed clinicians in other states via telemedicine. MindWell NYC additionally also offers mentorship opportunities for clinicians seeking assistance with professional development, identifying their target clinical population, and executing next steps in their careers. We offer assistance for people applying to psychology graduate programs throughout the process according to needs of the individual.Please contact us at to inquire about fees and availability.

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