MindWell NYC Mindfulness Recordings

Please utilize Dr. Rachel Hutt's freely available mindfulness recordings on this page to continue to develop your practice as part of our series for Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).


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Mindfulness Raisin Exercise

The Raisin Exercise is a practice in mindful eating that can be done with a raisin or any other food. This exercise can be a good place to start if you are new or newer to mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness Body Scan

The Body Scan is a practice in focusing attention over a sustained period of time, which can improve concentration, calmness, flexibility, and mindfulness. Increasing awareness of your body can also help you to better manage emotions.

Ten Minute Sitting Meditation

The Sitting Meditation is a basic mindfulness of the breath practice that is good if you are just learning how to practice mindfulness or don’t have a lot of time. It’s a great way to start the day in the morning, or a nice way to take a break during a stressful or busy workday.

Three Minute Breathing Space

This is a great practice to use to check in with yourself during the day and to step out of automatic pilot. With practice, it can help with acceptance of the present moment, recognition that things are always changing, and stopping rumination.

Mindfulness Stretching

This mindful stretching exercise may be a different approach to movement than you are used to and allows you to attend to your body in a different way, particularly if you do or have done yoga before. Attending to the body sensations of stretching and movement can serve as a bridge to this moment, and is something you can practice in any type of movement you do.

Twenty Minute Sitting Meditation

The Twenty Minute Sitting Meditation is a sitting practice that allows for opportunities to nonjudgmentally notice where the mind has gone, to bring awareness to the body as a whole, to try sitting with physical sensations that may be uncomfortable, and to use the breath as a way to reconnect to this moment and feel grounded.

Mindful Walking

The Mindful Walking practice is another way to bring a new awareness to everyday movement and get out of automatic pilot. You can practice it anywhere, and experiment with different speeds and directions.

Forty Minute Sitting Meditation

The Forty Minute Sitting Meditation presents a range of ways to focus attention. It helps to start noticing aversion to an experience, the urge to avoid particular thoughts, and the link between thoughts and emotions. It allows for practice sitting with whatever comes and goes, practice relating to your experience with clarity and directness, and an opportunity to stop struggling and simply be present with various experiences.

Sitting with Difficulty

The Sitting With Difficulty mindfulness recording allows for practice building up tolerance and exposure to bodily tension related to situations. Over time it can allow you to manage something that feels unmanageable and increase connectedness. It is easier to work with physical sensations and emotions than thoughts, as thinking can become exhausting.

Breathing Space Responsive

Breathing Space Responsive is best used for people who have been practicing the regular three-minute breathing space and have instances of discomfort in the body and mind. This is a way to approach discomfort and take a few moments to sit with whatever is already there and causing trouble at the moment that it is coming up.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing is a technique to elicit a relaxation response and calm your body down. It helps to slow down your body, slow down your thoughts, and decrease the intensity of emotions. It can also be helpful to prepare your body for sleep or ground you in the present moment.



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