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Are You Feeling Sad, Down, or Bored?

Do you feel unhappy and discontented with life? Is it difficult for you to get out of bed in the morning or out to do the things you planned to do? Your MindWell NYC therapist will help you to determine which of your strengths and skills you would like to draw upon during the therapy process and after.

Perhaps you have had depression off and on throughout your life and you know the familiar feelings as they start and don’t know what to do about them. It might be that you are dealing with a major life stressor that has resulted in apathy or difficulty enjoying life the same way. Or perhaps you always think the worst or focus on only the negatives, and don’t acknowledge the positives. Do you wish you felt different or able to control these thoughts and emotions?

Feeling stuck in the past or not knowing how to move forward in life can result in feeling hopeless, helpless, and exhausted. It might be that you spend time thinking about how things could be different or ruminating on anything that you think got you to where you are. Maybe you have never been able to shake the feeling that things should be different, you are not who you want to be, people are not trustworthy, or that the world is a harsh place. Perhaps you have no energy to get through a typical day anymore, and have withdrawn from friends and family. Or, maybe you have noticed major changes in your sleep or appetite that have been contributing to your mood. Perhaps you have noticed thoughts about wishing you were never born, wishing you were somewhere else, wishing things were different, or not wanting to wake up. Whether one or all of these difficulties has been occurring for you, you might feel stuck and want to give up trying or putting effort into life.

It is common to experience depression at some time during your life.

New York City has millions of people, yet it can feel lonely, isolating, and dreary. In the city full of hopes and dreams, many people do not have the life that they want, or have not been able to engage with life as fully as they would like. Many people feel shame for not being able to get to work on time, not returning phone calls or messages, not maintaining relationships, or not appreciating the things that they do have. And many people do not know how to explain this to their friends, family, and employers, or to get the support that they need.

Although being in the big apple among so many other people can feel disconnecting and lonely, it is never too late to learn ways to connect, engage, and drop into life. Our patient and warm therapists have all had experience working with clients with depression to find energy, motivation, and purpose in order to meet goals. It is possible to make some changes, wherever you are in life.

Depression Therapy Provides You With Tools to Enjoy Activities and Build Mastery

MindWell NYC offers a comfortable, trusting space to discuss anything that is on your mind. Our team of compassionate, experienced therapists utilize state-of-the-art therapy approaches including concrete skills needed to better understand the causes of depression and to take the first step forward. Working closely in collaboration with your therapist, you will create a therapy plan that feels realistic, challenging in the right ways, and hopeful while beginning to make the changes you deserve.

In depression therapy sessions, your MindWell NYC therapist can help you understand the stressors that have prompted and maintained depression. Your clinician will help you step out of the past and look towards the future, while being able to sit more comfortably in the present. There is a focus on identifying and understanding what has worked for you in the past as well as trying new skills and strategies to add to your repertoire. Your therapist will help you take some steps that may feel challenging or scary by breaking them down into realistic, doable goals, and cheering you on to meet them.

In order to help you move forward, you and your therapist will identify states of mind as well as thought and behavior patterns that are getting you stuck in depression. For example, you may be participating in activities that could bring you joy or pleasure, but are so much on automatic pilot that you are not able to be present during these times. To increase awareness of these experiences, we will teach you how to incorporate productive as well as enjoyable activities into your days. Including these into your routine is a surefire way to work on alleviating depression. We will also help you to identify thoughts that may be inaccurate or unhelpful and guide you through the process of learning to see your thoughts as mental events that you are able to take or leave depending on what is beneficial for you in the moment.

At MindWell NYC, we believe in the power of mindfulness to help move you forward from your depression. In addition to the techniques listed above, we will help you learn ways to use your breath, body, and movement to your benefit. Your MindWell NYC therapist will help you to determine which of your strengths and skills you would like to draw upon during the therapy process and after. We are here to help you move towards the change you are looking for.

You still may have additional questions or concerns about depression therapy.

Depression therapy

I feel so terrible that I don’t know how I can possibly get to your office for an appointment. This is a very common concern for individuals seeking treatment for depression. After all, depressive symptoms often zap your energy and lead to the urge to stay home curled up in bed. We want to work to validate the way you are feeling today while still helping you to move forward. If possible, think about your first appointment as just that- one appointment. Once you are here, it is likely that you will find your interactions and time with your therapist to be refreshing and energizing, which can in itself be reinforcing. This may help you to incorporate some new experiences and behaviors into your routine. We are happy to help you move step by step in the right direction.

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