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Does Your Teen Have A Hard Time Managing Their Emotions Or Friendships?

Has your teenager been struggling to build and maintain healthy relationships?

Is their competitive NYC school environment stressing them out?

Are they engaging in impulsive or destructive behaviors to manage their emotions?

Perhaps your teen has trouble listening to their teachers, family members, or other adults. Maybe they’re burnt out by all their responsibilities at home, at school, or at work. As a result, your teen may experience intense and distressing emotions. They may respond to them in ineffective ways—shutting out their friends, posting troublesome content on social media, using substances, or engaging in self-harm behavior. For the first time, you may be considering a therapist who works with teens.

Your Teen’s Struggles Could Be Hard On You As A Parent

Perhaps you’ve noticed concerning changes in your teen’s behavior. They may be unable to get out of a steady negative mood, sensitive to comments from others, or overly concerned with perceived judgments from their friends or peers. In the face of their struggles, they might withdraw from friends and family and spend more time in their room. Although you want to help them, maybe they won’t tell you what’s going on. This could make you feel at a loss for answers, as if your teen is out of reach.

Thankfully, you don’t have to keep spinning your wheels trying to help your teen. At MindWell NYC, our therapists are trained and equipped to work with teens who struggle with anxiety, depression, and a wide range of mental health issues. We will give your teen strategies for identifying, managing, and overcoming negative emotions, allowing them to live more confidently and serenely as they move forward in life.

Teens Face Increasing Pressure From Friendships, Social Media, And School

Teenagers in today’s world don’t have it easy. On top of physical, developmental, and hormonal changes, they have to navigate the complexities of social media and newfound difficulties with relationships. They’re starting to explore their identity more, and although this can be exciting, it can also be deeply stressful. Teens face so much pressure to fit in, look good, have an impressive social media presence, and be at the top of their class. It’s no wonder so many of them struggle with their mental health.

Some teens use negative behaviors and strategies to regulate their emotions, such as drinking, drug use, self-harm, or excessive use of electronics. They may not come home by curfew, perform less successfully in the classroom, or shut down entirely when faced with difficulties. As a parent, you may not be able to solve all your teen’s issues by yourself, and that’s why therapy is so vital.

Life In New York City Is Especially Intense For Teenagers

In addition to typical emotional, social, and developmental obstacles faced by teenagers, a busy life in New York City may present them with some additional worries. School environments in our area can be challenging, competitive, and rife with high expectations. This can lead to increased pressure to measure up to peers, difficulties fitting in, and tension in friendships when it comes time for standardized tests or admission to high school or college.

There are also pressures to engage in multiple extracurricular activities while maintaining healthy relationships with friends and family. Difficulty managing these challenges can result in symptoms of anxiety, depression, disordered eating, and other mental health challenges. A therapist who is trained to work with teens can help guide them through this process and specify the treatment plan that will be the best fit for your family.

Therapy Can Give Your Teen A Toolbox Of Skills That They Can Use At Anytime

MindWell NYC is uniquely suited to support your teenager, answer their questions, and start a collaborative relationship with your family. Our team of therapists is trained and equipped to work with the stressors commonly present during adolescence. We will teach your child the skills, strategies, and tools necessary to help them succeed. Along the way, we will help you and your family learn new ways to support your teenager in everyday life.

Our counseling practice has experience treating anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and many other teenage mental health challenges. What’s more, we are aware of the numerous challenges facing teens and their families in New York City. We will work with you to create a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to you and your teen’s situation.

Teen Therapy

What To Expect In Teen Counseling Sessions

During sessions, we will help you and your teen identify the challenges they are currently facing as well as goals for treatment. We will teach your teen specific skills that they can apply at home, at school, and in other environments in their lives. Your therapist will encourage the practice and incorporation of these skills, as well as teaching and empowering family members to support your teenager throughout the process. The goal is to help your teen become more assertive, deepen their self-awareness, reduce their stress, and improve their relationships.

To help your teen do so, we draw from a wide range of teen-friendly approaches to therapy. These include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)—This approach can help your teen identify and challenge the negative thoughts and beliefs that are fueling their mental health challenges. By reframing their perspective, they can experience improvements in their mood and behavior.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)—The aim of DBT is to give your teen specific strategies for managing difficult emotions and navigating relationship problems. DBT can help teens reduce destructive or impulsive behaviors by learning to react to distress in healthier ways.

Mindfulness-based therapy—When your teen feels overwhelmed, they can use mindfulness exercises like deep breathing and meditation to ground themselves and maintain present-moment awareness. Mindfulness can also help teens notice their unhelpful thoughts and urges without reacting to them.

No matter which approach works best for your teen, we are confident that we can empower them to manage problematic thoughts and emotions, build effective relationships with others, and become more mindful of the positive experiences they have in daily life. MindWell NYC is prepared and ready to work with your teen and your family to create change and movement in a new direction.

You May Have Some Questions About Therapy At MindWell NYC For Your Teen…

How do I know if my teen’s behavior is normal for this stage of development or if it is problematic?

Many behaviors that may alarm parents can be considered normal during adolescence. For example, your teen may test boundaries around rules in the home or experiment with new social pressures with their friends. This is normal for teens who are becoming more self-sufficient and starting to explore themselves.

However, if your teen is routinely refusing to participate in expected tasks, communicating in a disrespectful fashion, or having a hard time regulating their emotions, this could become something to address in therapy. Your teen’s therapist can provide you with information about typical and atypical behaviors during adolescence.

What if my teen won’t open up to their counselor?


Our therapists have lots of experience working with teens who are slower to warm up or not totally sold on therapy. We know how to make therapy comfortable and engaging for them and we will always go at a pace that’s right for them. What’s more, the teens we see often feel at ease talking to their therapist once they realize that this is a safe, trusting, and confidential space.

How involved will I be in my teen’s treatment process?

Although counseling sessions will be held between your teen and their therapist, we still want you to play an active role in the healing process. We will equip you and your family members with strategies for helping your teen at home, since you’re around them more than anyone. And from time to time, we would be happy to discuss progress and hear your feedback if there are additional concerns that you’d like therapy to address. We also offer and will recommend parent coaching services and family therapy where appropriate.

Your Teen Deserves A Space Where They Can Be Themselves Unreservedly

That’s what therapy provides. To learn more about how therapy can help teens improve their mental health, relationships, and every area of their lives, you can email us, schedule a consultation or call 646-809-5440.


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