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Are you having a hard time regulating your emotions?

It is very normal to feel intense emotions some of the time and to be confused about why you feel the way you do. We all experience emotions, some of which are more distressing than others, and have different ways of managing them. In addition, it is normal to feel misunderstood and confused about who you are some of the time, especially if you find that your emotions are intense, change quickly, or seem to be in control of your behavior. Whether you are experiencing challenges with feeling confused about yourself, maintaining healthy relationships, and/or regulating emotions, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) can help you learn skills to manage these difficulties and build a life worth living.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy can help you manage your emotions instead of letting your emotions manage you.

DBT therapy at MindWell NYC can offer help with the things you are struggling with. MindWell NYC offers comprehensive DBT treatment for challenges regulating emotions, difficulties in interpersonal relationships, engaging in impulsive behavior, and feeling confused about yourself.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is comprised of individual therapy, skills training class, phone coaching, and treatment by a team of clinicians. It was created by Marsha M. Linehan, Ph.D., to teach you skills for managing emotions and destructive behaviors creating a great deal of stress in your life. It is typically a time limited treatment (with skills training class varying in length for adults and adolescents and families) that focuses on decreasing confusion about self, tolerating distress without making things worse, improving your ability to regulate your emotions, learning skills to get what you want and need in relationships, and managing behavior in yourself and others more effectively. DBT is different from many other therapy approaches as it integrates eastern mindfulness and Buddhist Zen approaches with components of cognitive and behavior therapy. In the MindWell NYC DBT program, we work with our clients to identify problem areas and then to learn skills to decrease distress and move you towards reaching your goals.

It makes sense that you feel disconnected from yourself and what you want.

Given the busy and hectic nature of life in New York City, it is no surprise that you may feel disconnected from yourself, who you are, and what you want. In our DBT therapy program, we can help you learn to feel more connected to yourself on a regular basis. We can also help you to be more aware of your own thoughts, feelings, urges, and behaviors. Other benefits of learning these skills include being fully aware and present during pleasant activities and enjoying the benefits from doing things you enjoy and being with people you are about.

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We are a group psychology practice of compassionate and skilled clinicians delivering therapy services tailored to fit the needs of our clients. Drs. Rachel Hutt, Jessica Renz, and Rebecca Skolnick founded MindWell NYC in 2017 to provide emotional wellness services to children, adolescents, adults, and parents in an inclusive, friendly, and warm environment. We specialize in cognitive, dialectical, and mindfulness-based behavior therapies and teach our clients practical tools for leading a more fulfilled life.

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You Can Have a Life That You Enjoy

DBT has been found to be effective for a variety of disorders and is strongly supported by research. At MindWell NYC, we will work with you and your family to create a DBT program focused on the areas of your life that you want to improve. All of our clinicians have been intensively trained in DBT, with years of experience, knowledge, and appreciation for the treatment and benefits DBT can bring to clients’ lives.


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