Mindwell NYC: Virtual Group Therapy

Online DBT Group for Parents of Young Children

Are you having a hard time managing your emotions when it comes to your young children?

Are you experiencing pre- or post-partum depression, anxiety, stress, or worries?

If you are expecting, postpartum, or a parent of a child up to age 5, please join us for this online group to learn DBT skills for parents (mindfulness, distress tolerance, middle path, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness), which include:

  • Ways to identify and regulate your emotions
  • Strategies to decrease problematic parenting behaviors
  • Skills for building and maintaining healthy relationships with partners and children
  • And more!

This stand-alone online group is led by Dr. Rachel Hutt, DBT-Linehan Board of Certification, Certified Clinician™ and parent of a young child.

Email Dr. Rachel Hutt at rhutt@mindwellnyc.com for questions or to register today!


Hourly Schedule


Group Leader: Dr. Rachel L. Hutt, Ph.D


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