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Frequently Asked Telehealth Questions

Mental health care delivered remotely, or over a secure online platform, is referred to as telehealth or telepsychology (APA, 2020). Our clinicians provide high quality and effective treatment that creates a comfortable, safe, and warm environment similar to in-office therapy. We have been providing virtual therapy services for a number of years and are prepared and thoughtful when it comes to meeting online.
With telehealth, you are able to phone or video conference with one of our skilled licensed therapists at the click of a button in a location that is convenient for you. Telehealth brings therapy right to your door. You will receive a link for a place to meet your therapist online so that you can participate in therapy from a location that works best for you. While you can do therapy from anywhere, we recommend finding a quiet place with privacy and a strong internet connection for optimal results. 

Our specialists are here to help adults managing a variety of challenges, such as anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, stress, life transitions, low self-esteem, and more. If you are interested in going to therapy but are hindered by a tight work schedule, lack of childcare, or long commute, telehealth could work well for you. Although our New York City office is our home, we are working to meet the needs of our clients by providing virtual therapy throughout New York State.

Research has shown that telehealth is an effective kind of treatment and that therapy delivered by video and phone works for depression, anxiety and adjustment disorder (APA, 2020; Varker, 2019). Given the benefits and effectiveness of telehealth, it is likely that more and more clinicians will start to offer this service; however, it is important to work with therapists who have practice and experience working online. 

During the COVID pandemic, many insurance companies began covering telehealth more broadly. Some insurance companies are now planning to end their telehealth coverage and no longer reimburse for these services. Please check with your insurance provider to see if you receive out-of-network benefits for telehealth

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