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Does your child throw tantrums or refuse to listen?

Many children have difficulty understanding what they are feeling or how to manage their emotions. When this happens, they often behave in problematic ways to manage what they are experiencing. For example, when feeling anxious, many children have difficulty focusing in the classroom, which can result in their grades not being as high as their potential. It might be that your child is spending a lot of time worrying. Or perhaps your child seems wired all the time or tired, exhausted, and having low energy. Whatever your child may be struggling with, it may be important for your child to learn skills to better manage their emotions and behavior at home, at school, and in social contexts. You may be experiencing a strong desire to get them the help they need.

Many children experience these problems.

The good news is that even if your child is struggling with feeling anxious, tired, or stressed, it is possible for them to learn new skills and techniques to manage their own emotions and behaviors more effectively. A knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly therapist can help your child to work through their difficulties and become more functional in their lives.

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You Deserve The Best Care From The Leading Therapy Group

We are a group psychology practice of compassionate and skilled clinicians delivering therapy services tailored to fit the needs of our clients. Drs. Rachel Hutt, Jessica Renz, and Rebecca Skolnick founded MindWell NYC in 2017 to provide emotional wellness services to children, adolescents, adults, and parents in an inclusive, friendly, and warm environment. We specialize in cognitive, dialectical, and mindfulness-based behavior therapies and teach our clients practical tools for leading a more fulfilled life.

Child Therapy Provides Your Loved One With Structure, Techniques, and Strategies to Be Their Best

As clinicians with years of child therapy experience in New York City, we understand the challenges faced by your child and are prepared to help them succeed. Regardless of their current obstacles or stumbling blocks- emotion dysregulation, difficulties in social situations, trouble in school or at home, or just frustration about how difficult it can sometimes be to be a kid in NYC- with a supportive therapeutic relationship at MindWell NYC, it is possible to make important and lasting improvements.

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You and Your Child Can Learn New Skills to Manage Your Child’s Behavior More Effectively

In child therapy, there are many strategies you can utilize to help your child improve their behavior or manage their emotions. Thankfully, you do not need to feel isolated or alone during the process.

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