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Stop Binge Eating Online Workshop

Do you turn to food when you feel anxious, upset, stressed, or mad?

Do you ever find yourself mid-way through a binge and not know how it happened?

Have you been eating more during the COVID-19 pandemic?

This virtual workshop will teach you practical skills for managing your emotions so that you stop relying on food and binge eating or overeating to cope. You will learn strategies for increasing awareness of urges to binge or overeat, how to sit with difficult emotions and ride out urges to binge, ways to decrease your overall emotional vulnerability, and more!

This workshop is open to adults 18+ and will be held online via Google Meet.

Referrals welcome: contact Rebecca Skolnick, Ph.D. at rskolnick@mindwellnyc.com



Hourly Schedule

Tuesday 6/8

12pm - 2pm
Led by Dr. Rebecca Skolnick, Ph.D.


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